Radio Sales & Installation in Amarillo, TX

Omega Electronics is the authority on all things involving two-way radios and dispatch communication. Whether you’re looking for a new two-way radio system for your business or require installation of police equipment by a trained and qualified professional, we’re your destination for top-level service.

Retail Products

As the local, long-time leader for two-way radio sales in Amarillo, TX, Omega Electronics brings you reliable products from trusted, proven brands. We offer all of the following:

  • Two-way commercial radios
  • Two-way commercial radio accessories
  • Dispatch consoles
  • Unication G-Series Voice Paging

Just tell us what your needs for a two-way system are and we’ll make sure you’re paired with a system that fits your budget and requirements. We leverage top name brands like Bosch, EF Johnson, Icom, Kenwood, Maxon, Midland, Motorola, Relm, Unication and others.

Dispatch Repeater Monthly Airtime

For customers who need monthly airtime rental, we’re the place to get it! Our airtime rentals help dispatchers better communicate with fleets or personnel, in order to effectively run their business. We frequently partner with utility companies, trucking outfits and other customers. Why rent radios and airtime? Take a look at just some of the great benefits:

  • Lower cost than individual cell phones
  • Push-to-talk rapid communication
  • Safe and legal to use on the road
  • Flat rates and fees
  • Unlimited talk time

Two-Way Radio Services

Aside from being a pure retailer of two-way radio systems, equipment and accessories, we pride ourselves in also being your foremost destination for installation and repairs.
cop radio

  • Radio repairs:
    If you have a system that’s no longer functioning effectively, bring it to us for knowledgeable two-way radio repair in Amarillo, TX. We’ll troubleshoot and repair it quickly, to restore functionality and save you on the cost of a more expensive replacement.
  • Radio installation:
    We offer installation of new two-way radio consoles in commercial and service vehicles. Our expert team will flawlessly install your system and make sure it’s tested working before sending you back on the road.
  • Police hardware installation:
    Our familiarity with two-way communication systems also includes experience working with police hardware. Turn to us for installation of lights, cages, sirens, radios and more for your cruiser.

For additional information about our capabilities or to inquire as to how we can assist you with your two-way radio sales, service or installation needs, please call (806) 352-8251.